Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Progressive Films by Gentle Filmmakers

Abhinav Tiwari

A traveler at heart and filmmaker by profession, Abhinav believes in the “vasudhaiv kutumbakam” philosophy of life; the whole world is a family for him. He has a strong sense of responsibility towards the efforts, thought and money, that are deployed for creating a film. As a truthful individual who believes in delivering sensible and meaningful cinema, Abhinav aspires to set benchmarks for the industry to follow.
The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense. And this is what Abhinav yearns to depict by his films.

Vivek Chaturvedi

Vivek commenced his professional life in the field of design and brand management, where he developed a keen sense for the visual communication medium. He has been exposed to various types of consumer attitudes across categories with a sharpened sensibility towards audience expectation and appreciation.
A post graduate in communications management from South East Asia’s prime C-School ie Mudra Institute Of Communication, Ahmedabad, Vivek has meticulously explored the knowledge areas of audience behavior, marketing research, media planning, semiotics and his specialty brand management.
He has been a brand consultant working across multiple categories including films, and has been a brand manager in reputed organisations.


Cinema affects us all!

You SEE it … and get MOVED

You HEAR it … and get ENTHRALLED

You FEEL … it and get TOUCHED

Cinema is special, because with just 3 senses at its disposal, it manages to make you feel everything that you feel in real life.

We don’t expect more, we don’t expect less. 3… is enough